A Pyxie Worm

Who are they? Who Cares, we like them!



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  1. Stick-Figure Horse
  2. Raindrop Garden
  3. Diver in the Drain
  4. Sticklebacks and Minnows
  5. Toy Parachutists
  6. Cloudcatchers
  7. We Want to be Astronauts
  8. When You Called My Name, I Thought You Meant Me
  9. I’m Staying in Today
  10. Sunlight Through Eyelashes
  11. Still light at Bedtime

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Stick-Figure Horse, Raindrop Garden, Diver in the Drain, Sticklebacks and Minnows, Toy Parachutists, Cloudcatchers, We Want to be Astronauts, When You Called My Name, I Thought You Meant Me, I'm Staying in Today, Sunlight Through Eyelashes, Still light at Bedtime, Full Album

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