A Pyxie Worm

Who are they? Who Cares, we like them!

Horizontal and Vertical Released

Today we have officially launched our two new albums – Horizontal and Vertical.

Why two albums?

Because we wanted to do something that was different, but we also wanted to do something familiar. So we’ve spilt the tracks we’ve made into two and put a predominant mix of tracks on each album.

HORIZONTAL is the album that has more of the laid back APW sounds, the sort of music to sit down and relax too, paint too, read too, create too… you get the idea.

While VERTICAL has the APW sound but has a much more dance orientated edge to the tracks, something a little more lively but still very thought evoking.

We’ve putting together 3 packages for you – Each CD will be available on it’s own and there will also be a special artwork double pack.
You can buy these from our online store NOW.