A Pyxie Worm

Who are they? Who Cares, we like them!

Lost in the Woods

Some people have been asking us what has happened to our forthcoming album, Silent Wood. Well, it is still due for release and we are nearly there.

Lately, we’ve had to spend less time in the Wormery as our day jobs – yes we do have day jobs – have kept us rather busy with commitments that bring in the cash and pay the bills. That said, we have been longing to get back to completing Silent Wood.

So far much of the composition is finished and all that remains is the mixing and production to hone the sounds into the album which we hope will give you much listening pleasure.
We don’t want to give too much away as to just what those sounds will be, but we think it is still very much the A Pyxie Worm that you’ve come to know but with the added benefit of time that has allowed us to mature and grow.

We were inspired to make the sounds when we were out in nature one day – a place we love to be – and felt humbled by everything around us. After walking along a vast beach on the Norfolk coast we scrambled over the dunes and into a woodland where the tall trees surrounding us enveloped us in a quiet bubble. No longer could we hear any people, dogs barking or the waves crashing on the shore – it was just the peace we needed. Sometimes you need to experience silence to be able to properly hear once more…

…and a little book, perhaps, has shaped the album too.
It’s very old, published in 1896, and was printed to teach young scholars all about the life and science of plants.
Botany for Beginners, now that’s a good name for a track 😉