A Pyxie Worm

Who are they? Who Cares, we like them!

World Wide Worm LIVE


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  1. Intro
  2. Long Evening Shadow
  3. Maidenbower
  4. Sleepers
  5. Kites and Bicycles
  6. Fuzzy Things and Butterflies
  7. I Cut off my Doll’s Hair and Now She’s Bald
  8. Raindrop Garden
  9. Marshmallow Mountain
  10. Cloudcatchers
  11. Dark Shores
  12. Harbourside
  13. On Stand-by

A Pyxie Worm broadcast a number of live shows over the internet to listeners world wide.

This is a recording of the very first World Wide Web LIVE broadcast – 28th December 2007.