A Pyxie Worm

Who are they? Who Cares, we like them!

Noisehead – Top Featured Artist

Tomorrow (15th November 2011) A Pyxie Worm will be Noiseheads Top Featured Artists.It’s incredible the support that we’ve had from all the listeners on noisehead.com – thank you to everyone that’s listened and voted on our music..

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Lost in the Woods

Some people have been asking us what has happened to our forthcoming album, Silent Wood. Well, it is still due for release and we are nearly there.Lately, we’ve had to spend less time in the Wormery as our day jobs – yes we do have day jobs – have kept us rather busy with commitments that bring in the cash and pay the bills. That said, we have been longing to get back to completing Silent...

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We’re currently compiling our blog from the many, many other places that we appear over the web, so please bear with us as we bring as many things together in to one place as we can.There’s also work going on over at our website – our old site is currently showing, but our new improved site will be going live to coincide with the launch of our new album – Silent Wood.Come...

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Noisehead – Featured Electronic Artist

Tomorrow – 26th August, A Pyxie Worm will be noisehead.com featured electronica artists.If you’ve not been over there before, it’s worth checking out for some great new artists.Thanks to everyone that has been over there and voted for our music as you’ve helped us be constantly in the top 20 (and top 10) electronica artists for more than 3 years!

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